Claudia Embroidered Quilt

Claudia Quilt

This quilt features the "Claudia" embroidery design (designed by Angie Spong). It was created on a Pfaff 7570 sewing & embroidery machine and took about 9 months to complete. The centre squares each feature 20 re-hoopings and it generally took as long to position each design as it did to embroider it.

Finished Size: 77 inches square.

Kitty Cat's Country Garden Quilt

Kitty Cat's Country Garden Quilt

This quilt was made for a paper bag challenge at Perth Sewing Centre in 2003. This was the first quilt I ever designed. Each cat has been needleturn appliqued to the background and the eyes are created with reverse applique. The details on the quilt include hand and machine embroidery, Yoyos, beads, buttons, braid, lace and charms. All of the quilting was done on a domestic machine. The quilt was designed and completed in four months to meet the deadline for the challenge.

Finished Size: 55 inches wide x 54 inches high.